Community Led Plan

Prizet houses and fields

Why do we need a Community Led Plan?

Community Plans are being prepared and updated in parishes throughout Cumbria. They enable local communities to identify those issues which most concern them and are a way of bringing communities together. Increasingly, funding bodies and government agencies require evidence of community consultation through such plans before they can consider allocating resources to deal with local issues.

Helsington Parish Council Community Led Plan

Helsington’s Community Led Plan was approved and adopted by Helsington Parish Council on 1 February 2017.  A Summary of the Plan is being distributed to every household in the parish in November 2017.  Please contact the Council if you are interested in being involved in any of the groups working on delivering the Action Plan.

Helsington Community Plan Survey

(ran from 12 November to 19 December 2015)

Community Led Plans are being prepared in parishes all around the country enabling local people to have a say in the future of their areas. The Helsington Community Plan Survey questionnaire has been put together from an initial survey which highlighted key issues local people identified as being important to them. These included:

  • The natural and managed environment
  • Development for housing and jobs
  • Community services
  • Information about you and your family

We wanted to explore these issues in more detail, and to hear your views.

Using the information from this questionnaire, we can develop a plan which reflects what our community wants the Parish to be like in the future.

The Community Led Plan will result in:

  • Our action plan reflecting what will be done, by whom and when. Often this will involve volunteers
  • A better opportunity to attract help and investment from outside the Parish
  • A better understanding by the Parish Council of the wishes of the community when representing the Parish

Steve Carman – Chair of Plan Working Group